Subhankar Banerjee

March 27, 2007, through May 20, 2007
Resource Wars in the American Arctic



Temporary Exhibitions, Lathrop Gallery


This exhibition features four monumental habitat photographs taken by Subhankar Banerjee during his recent sojourns into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to photograph this remote region in northeastern Alaska in all four seasons. His work there coincided with the push by oil companies and the current U.S. administration to open up the oil and gas reserves on the coastal plain to drilling. During his travels over nearly four thousand miles of the 19.5-million-acre refuge by foot, raft, kayak, and snowmobile, he stayed in interior and coastal villages with both Gwich’in Athabascan and Inupiat families, absorbing their close and intricate relationships to the northern environment and the birds and animals that thrive there.

Exhibition Curator

Katherine W. Hart

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Exhibition subject: AsiaModern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada