Looking Back at Earth

July 07, 2012, through August 26, 2012
Environmental Photography from the Hood Museum of Art



Temporary Exhibitions, Friends and Cheatham Galleries


This exhibition showcases photography that goes beyond landscape to engage with issues of the earth and its environment. It features the work of Subhankar Banerjee, Virginia Beahan, Daniel Beltrá, Diane Burko, J. Henry Fair, Emmet Gowin, Patricia MacDonald, David Maisel, and Ian Teh, among others. Its themes include consumption and waste, industrial pollution, urban sprawl, unsustainable farming, and climate change and its effects on the Arctic.

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art and generously supported by the Bernard R. Siskind 1955 Fund and the William Chase Grant 1919 Memorial Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Katherine W. Hart | Chanon (Kenji) Praepipatmongkol

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Exhibition subject: AsiaModern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada