K-12 Educators

The Hood Museum of Art is currently closed. See opportunities for virtual experiences below. Please continue to check back for updates!

Contact the Education Department via email or call (603) 646-1469.

Teacher Consultation and Support

Museum Education staff are happy to work with teachers interested in integrating works of art into their curriculum. Contact us now to brainstorm about virtual tours, lesson plan ideas, or to organize virtual teacher workshops for teams and departments.

Virtual Tours

On virtual tours, students are encouraged to investigate ideas. Teachers may choose from any work of art in the museum's collection. Staff-led virtual tours include a range of activities designed to appeal to different learning styles. Tours foster critical thinking and assessment, communication, collaboration, creativity, and interdisciplinary thinking. Above all, an experience a with works of art is designed to nurture wonder and curiosity in students of all ages.

The Orozco Murals

José Clemente Orozco, one of the three most famous Mexican muralists, came to Dartmouth in the early 1930s and painted the fresco cycle The Epic of American Civilization in Baker Library. In this mural, Orozco depicted his interpretation of the history of the Americas, from ancient Aztec culture through the arrival of Cortéz and into the early 20th century. Tours of this dynamic work addresses issues of class, cultural conflict, education, religion, and power.

Audio and video tours and printed resources are available.

Outdoor Sculpture

Download a walking tour guide (pdf) to outdoor sculpture on campus.

Explore outdoor sculptures by Ellsworth Kelly, Clement Meadmore, Kiki Smith, Mark di Suvero, Allan C. Houser, Beverly Pepper, Joel Shapiro and others dot the campus. Each work enlivens the surrounding space and draws our attention to the architecture of nearby buildings.

Multiple-Visit Programs

The Hood Museum of Art offers two multiple-visit programs for elementary school students: ArtStart (for grades 1–3) and Images (for grades 4–6). Each program offers a journey of discovery, creativity, and expression. Guided explorations and interactive teaching in the museum enable students to develop critical-thinking skills for interpreting works of art and relating them to their lives.


Images is a program offered for regional elementary school students in grades 4 through 6 that brings groups to the museum five times during the year. Each visit includes time in the galleries, where students learn from and discuss original works of art with a professional museum educator. Afterward, in the studio, students complete a hands-on art project that relates to what they looked at and learned in the galleries.

Images is an innovative art education program that provides students with valuable skills for analyzing and interpreting works of art and increases their understanding and appreciation of the history, customs, beliefs, and artistic traditions of cultures and peoples from around the world.

Our Images program guide provides additional information about the program, including the topics of the five museum visits.


ArtStart is a multiple-visit program designed for students in grades 1 through 3. Participants visit the museum four times during the year. During each visit, students spend time in the galleries exploring art objects from around the world and in the studio creating their own works of art.

Our ArtStart program guide provides additional information about the program, including the topics of the four museum visits.