Neely McNulty

Hood Foundation Curator of Education
A middle aged woman with shoulder-lenth dark gray hair, brown eyes, and fair skin smiles at the camera. She is photographed from the chest up.


Prior to joining the Hood Museum of Art, Neely taught at Lesley University, worked as an art therapist, and oversaw all children's art programming at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Neely joined the Hood Museum in 2008 as the Images and ArtStart Instructor. She oversaw and taught the museum's multiple-visit school programs for regional children. In 2017, she accepted the position of Hood Foundation Associate Curator of Education. Neely holds a Masters of Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a B.A. from Princeton University. She is also a current member of the National Art Education Association.

Contact Information

603-646-2814 HB 6034
Page last updated: January 2, 2024