The Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, centers art and people in teaching and learning through inclusive and robust academic, cultural, and civic engagements with art and its histories.


The Hood Museum will advance learning, care, and connections through the reach and relevance of visual art and material culture. As a nexus for the exchange of ideas, the museum will:

  • foster environments for mutual learning and teaching; 
  • embrace a model of care for art and artists; for Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff; for regional residents, teachers, lifelong learners, and visitors; and through its operational and environmental impact; and
  • forge meaningful connections across disciplines, peoples, and local and global communities.

For more information on the museum's identity and values, our 2022–2026 strategic report can be found here.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity at the Hood Museum of Art

The Hood Museum of Art staff is dedicated to creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment for all who enter. We understand that impactful change starts from within. As such, we have crafted a series of action steps in order to hold ourselves accountable to cultivating a space that reflects our values and our community.

The museum will perform a yearly review, using these steps as a rubric, and will publish the findings annually.