Catherine Coggins

Museum Educator
A young woman in her mid 20s with curly brown hair, fair skin, and freckles, is photographed from the chest up and smiles at the camera.


Katie Coggins joined the Hood Museum of Art in the summer of 2022. As a museum educator, Katie teaches the museum's multiple-visit school programs for regional children. Katie graduated from Skidmore College with a dual major in history and political science. She completed her MA in public humanities at Brown University in the spring of 2022. Through her studies and internships, Katie has worked with the education departments of several museums including the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the MFA in Boston, and the Little Compton Historical Society. Working with elementary and middle school aged children, Katie's programs help students develop their critical thinking and social-emotional skills by centering artworks as opportunities for connections across history, world cultures, and contemporary issues.

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