Table of Contents

Aug 04, 2018

Director’s Foreword: Making Space for Sound
John R. Stomberg

Spencer Topel and Amelia Kahl

Experience the Exhibition

Map of Resonant Spaces Installations

Resonant Spaces Images

Resonant Spaces Exhibition Brochure

Resonant Spaces Symposium

Teaching with the Exhibition

Sample Site Dossier

Press Links

Heavy Waves: Between Light and Sound
Spencer Topel

A Space for Sound: Curating a Sound Art Exhibition on a College Campus
Amelia Kahl

Notes from the Underground: On Resonant Spaces at Dartmouth College
Gascia Ouzounian

Why Sound Now?
Brett Littman

Artists and Work

Terry Adkins

Bill Fontana

Christine Sun Kim

Jacob Kirkegaard

Alvin Lucier

Laura Maes

Jess Rowland

Julianne Swartz