Recent Acquisitions: Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Photographic Memoirs of an Aboriginal Savant, 1994

Posted on January 01, 2008 by Kristin Swan

Hood Quarterly, winter 2008

Relying on photography and digital reproduction methods, Seminole/Muscogee/ Diné artist Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie (born 1954) creates powerful visual statements that reflect her personal perspective as well as Native American philosophy. Her subjects derive from vintage and contemporary imagery; at times they look out of the artwork to ponder, question, and challenge what they see; at times they are given agency and voice through Tsinhnahjinnie's social and political commentary and critique.

In her signature piece, Tsinhnahjinnie has filled fifteen pages from a fictitious book of memoirs with images and text through which she presents herself "the way that I see myself rather than being interpreted by others." Looking inward to document moments and thoughts about childhood and family, high school, friends, particular experiences, and dreams, she delivers a deeply moving installation that comprises a strong political statement about Native sovereignty and cultural oppression intermixed with poignant storytelling and personal convictions.

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Written January 01, 2008 by Kristin Swan