Map of Resonant Spaces Installations

Map of Resonant Spaces installations.
September, 2017 Supplementary PDF (1.63 MB)

Use this map as a guide to each of the sound art installations across the Dartmouth campus and into the town of Hanover.

This fall, sound takes over Dartmouth College with a large-scale commissioning and exhibition project featuring internationally renowned artists. Resonant Spaces: Sound Art at Dartmouth is the first exhibition of sound art presented by the Hood Museum of Art, and, more widely, one of the largest group commissioning projects of sound art to date. It represents a crucial step in the creation of sound art through a diverse set of new, site-specific works located on the Dartmouth campus, offering visitors a glimpse into the highly varied and imaginative world of sound art. 

Resonant Spaces encourages visitors to experience these sites as they are transformed through sound. 

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