The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan

October 10, 2009, through January 3, 2010



Temporary Exhibitions, Friends and Cheatham Galleries


This exhibition presents over sixty works by Sonia Landy Sheridan, who through her art has investigated the inner landscape of her own intensely creative, and often playful, intelligence. Sheridan is known for her work with the new forms of technology that sparked the late-twentieth-century communications revolution as well as her experience as both an inspiring teacher and artist-in-residence at the 3M Company. This exhibition, a retrospective view of Sheridan's artistic production from the 1950s to the present, is organized in thematic sections and culminates with her important work with various early imaging machines, such as the first color copier by 3M and early computer graphic systems.

Generously supported by the Ray Winfield Smith 1918 Memorial Fund and the Leon C. 1927, Charles L. 1955, and Andrew J. 1984 Greenebaum Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Katherine W. Hart

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Exhibition subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada