"Art in the Making": A Podcast

Hosted by interns Caroline Cook '21 and Courtney McKee '21, this podcast traces the history of various materials used to make art through the ages and highlights works in the Hood Museum's collection.

On April 2, 2021, this year's Hood Museum Erbe and Conroy Programming Interns Courtney McKee '21 and Caroline Cook '21 will launch "Art in the Making," a podcast they both host and produce. Courtney and Caroline thought creatively about how to make programming accessible and exciting during the museum's closure, and their solution was an eight-episode podcast series that discusses artmaking materials through the ages. Each episode traces the history of one material, from stone to photography, through time and highlights works in the museum's collection that listeners can look at and contemplate.

"Art in the Making" will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you listen to your podcasts. It's suited for all ages and aims to start the process of analyzing a work of art not with "what it means" but with "how it was made." The objects around you will never seem the same!

Listen to the trailer now, and subscribe! The eight episodes will be released weekly beginning on April 2.

Written March 09, 2021