Museum Club Member Spotlight: Interview with Abby Smith '23

Abby Smith '23 talks about her experience as a Museum Club member. 

Why were you interested in joining Museum Club? 

I pretty much grew up in my local museum and loved working there, so I knew that I wanted to be involved with the Hood when I left for Dartmouth. When I learned about the Museum Club, I was so excited and applied immediately because I couldn't wait to know more about the Hood and museum careers in general.

What was your first encounter with the Hood Museum? 

The first time I visited the Hood was during Dimensions. It was actually right after the museum reopened [after renovations], I think. I distinctly remember seeing the Assyrian reliefs and being shocked that Dartmouth had them because I knew, from my high school art history classes, that they were really rare. Going to the Hood at Dimensions is part of why I ended up choosing Dartmouth. 

What is your favorite Museum Club memory? 

My favorite Museum Club memory is probably the most recent Hood After 5. It was so fun to share the art piece I had researched, Standard Station (Night), After Ed Ruscha (Pictures Of Cars), by Vik Muniz, because there is a sort of twist to it. When you get closer to the image, you see that it is actually constructed from car parts. Every group I told that to was actually surprised, which was so sweet. I really loved seeing people get as excited about art as I am. A close second favorite memory is accidentally getting stuck in the stairwell after a meeting. 

How has your involvement with the Hood Museum impacted your undergraduate experience at Dartmouth? 

I have really loved Museum Club and it is often a very welcome break. Hanging out in the fancy conference room and eating pizza is very comforting after a long Thursday, which is usually my heaviest workday. It's also nice to just pop in a gallery and chill after getting lunch at the Hop. To me, the Hood Museum is a very relaxing place that I visit as often as possible.

If you could borrow one object from the Hood Museum's collection to display in your home, what would it be and why? 

I think I would borrow one of the ancient Greek amphoras, probably the one attributed to the Berlin Painter with the figure holding the spear and shield. I think it would be really funny to store my car keys in there or something just to see people's faces when I pull stuff out of it. 


Written July 23, 2020