Look and Listen | The American Landscape and You

Experience the Hood Museum's collection in new ways while wandering the galleries and listening to music. Abby Smith '23 paired three American landscapes with songs.

As implied in the title, "From Eden" by Hozier is about paradise. As the gentle guitar melody flows over you, you will feel like you're looking out over a beautiful valley. Hozier's voice will sound like a breath of mountain air. 

Image: Régis François Gignoux, New Hampshire (White Mountain Landscape), about 1864, oil on canvas.

"A Change Is Gonna Come" by Greta Van Fleet starts by saying the singer was born by a body of water, so immediately you will feel a connection to the lake depicted in the painting. The mood of the work, with its dark clouds approaching the viewer, is encapsulated by the thunder-like punch of the initial chords in the song. 

Image: Thomas Doughty, Rowing on a Mountain Lake, about 1835, oil on canvas.

Lo-Fang's "#88" is a song about feeling very small, not unlike how one feels at the base of a mountain on the edge of a lake. The calm nature of the song allows you to immerse yourself in the peacefulness of the image.

Image: Thomas Cole, View on Lake George, 1826, oil on wood panel. 

"Look and Listen" is a student playlist project. Think of how your own favorite songs could fit with a work of art and share with us on any social media platform by tagging @HoodMuseum or using the hashtag #HoodMuseum.

Written by Abby Smith '23, Museum Club member 


Written October 11, 2019