Looking Back

The Hood honors the contributions of long-serving docent Sybil Williamson, who died last June. 

Sybil became a docent in 1992, and from the beginning, her influence was significant. Her light touch, gentle prodding, and sense of humor made her an effective facilitator, and her subtle leadership from within the docent program made her an exceptional team member.

Sybil’s influence widened when she joined the National Docent Symposium Council in 2001. The purpose of the NDSC is to provide docent education and promote the exchange of ideas through a biennial national symposium. She began a fourteen-year engagement with the NDSC as a regional representative, and eventually rose to the highest position in the organization when she served from 2011 to 2013 as president, a role Sybil embraced because it brought deserved recognition to her peers at the Hood.

Among the many Sybil stories shared last summer by docents here and elsewhere, a theme emerged. Through her example of grace, warmth, and humility, Sybil set a high bar that we will continue to emulate, one tour at a time.