Recent Acquisitions: Jennifer Steinkamp, Judy Crook 9, 2017

Artist Jennifer Steinkamp's digital animation Judy Crook 9 introduces images of nature into architectural spaces in a manner that complicates the idea of inside and outside, and built versus natural environments. It takes the viewer through four seasons in one tree's life—repeated endlessly to simultaneously evoke the cyclical nature of life and the ideal of infinite existence. Steinkamp has been making works of digital art that honor her art teachers over the years. This work is from a series named after her professor of color theory at the Art Center College of Design, Pas- adena. Rather than make one animation in an edition of nine, however, Steinkamp has made nine variations on the same theme—each one significantly different. This new video installation has been installed centrally in the Top of the Hop in the Hopkins Center for the Arts, where it can be seen every evening. We are grateful to our HOP colleagues for working with us to give the work a public presence on Dartmouth's campus.

Steinkamp lives and works in Los Angeles. She studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and the California Institute of the Arts and is currently a profes- sor in the Department of Design Media Arts at UCLA. 

Written January 17, 2018