Bob Haozous Residency at Dartmouth College

Hood Quarterly, autumn/winter 2011-12

Contemporary Native American artist Bob Haozous will be in residence at Dartmouth October 3 through 10, 2011, during which time he will work with students to create an installation in the Hopkins Center's Barrows Rotunda as part of the exhibition Native American Art at Dartmouth. Haozous was previously artist-in-residence at the college in summer 1989. At that time, the Hood acquired his sculpture Apache Pull-Toy, the centerpiece of its contemporary Native American collection, through the generosity of Joseph Obering, Class of 1956. The foundation bearing Mr. Obering's name has made possible this fall's residency, which commemorates the lasting impact of the Native artists who were in residence at the college in the 1970s and 1980s and celebrates the living Native American traditions on the Dartmouth campus.

Generously supported by a grant from the Joseph B. Obering '56 Fund.

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Written September 01, 2011