By the Numbers

Chapter eight

Feb 10, 2020

July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019

Museum Gallery Attendance*

Total gallery attendance 34,955
Dartmouth student attendance 9,168
Children and youth attendance 4,337
Adult attendance 21,450

Online Engagement

Museum website visits 408,839
Facebook 3,655 followers
Instagram 2,789 followers
Twitter 4,014 followers

The Collection

Works in the collection 63,946
Total objects in the collection digitized 25,651
Objects digitized this year 263
Works receiving conservation 76
Works loaned to other institutions 44
New acquisitions 770

Academic Use of the Galleries and Bernstein Center for Object Study

Number of Dartmouth class sessions 173
Number of Dartmouth student visits 2,536
Works pulled from storage for teaching 1,825
Number of unique Dartmouth courses 121


Total programs 416
Total program attendance 16,046
Public programs 58
Attendance at public programs 5,083
Programs for Dartmouth students 75
Attendance at programs for Dartmouth students 4,168
Dartmouth faculty, staff, alumni, and other programs 61
Attendance at Dartmouth faculty, staff, alumni, and other programs 2,548
School tours 222
K–12 students served through Images, Art Start, and tours 4,247


Full time 40
Dartmouth student interns 7
Docents 16
Students (collections, external relations, education) 35

Museum Statistics

Facility square footage 62,400


Number of galleries 16
Gallery square footage 16,360

Bernstein Center for Object Study

Number of smart object-study galleries 3
Object-study gallery square footage 1,566

*Gallery attendance numbers begin January 26, 2019, the opening day of the new Hood Museum of Art. All other "by the numbers" reporting is for the full year of activity.

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