A Space for Dialogue 83

A Space for Dialogue 83 Cover
March, 2014 Supplementary PDF (430.75 KB)

The Art of Public Placemaking

Julia McElhinney ’14, Class of 1954 Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

2014, 2 pages

Placemaking is the process of making spaces meaningful to those who experience them. This can be done in small or large ways, by groups or by individuals. Take a moment to think of your favorite place. Maybe it is your childhood backyard, the coffee shop down the street, or a neighbor’s front porch. What makes this place meaningful to you? Perhaps it is the social interactions, fond memories, or simply that feel-good sensation you associate with this place. When people attach meaningful ideas and emotions to places, these places take on unique identities. They become a part of our lives and of us.

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