A Space for Dialogue 107

The cover of an exhibition brochure that features a work by a contemporary Native American artist. It depicts a wolf in a pink polkadot dress and wearing high heels. There is a cityscape in the background.
June, 2022 Supplementary PDF (1.05 MB)

Coloring the Western Canon

Chloe Jung '23 Class of 1954 Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2022, 4 pages

Coloring the Western Canon examines our attitudes, not toward individual colors, but to the presence of color itself, particularly within the context of an art historical tradition shaped by Eurocentric concepts of art and beauty. Our ideas about what constitutes "good art" are influenced by the Western canon—a body of literature, music, philosophy, and art emblematic of "high culture and civilization" known as "the classics." From the ideas of Plato to the paintings of Leonardo and the writings of Shakespeare, they are the best products of Greco-Roman antiquity, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. But who gets to decide what belongs in the canon and what does not? Who chooses the great masters?

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