A Space for Dialogue 105

Cover of the exhibition brochure for the student-curated A Space for Dialogue exhibition number 105. The cover features a detail of an abstract painting of a landscape.
March, 2022 Supplementary PDF (1.12 MB)

Transcendent Landscapes: Abstracting Nature

Alice Crow '22, Levinson Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2022, 4 pages

This exhibition explores the ways artists have looked to the natural world for inspiration. Landscape painting serves a practical purpose in simply representing the world around us, but it has historically also revealed the spiritual connection humans have to their environments. The use of light in European Romantic paintings or fantastic scenery in East Asian landscapes, for example, imparts a religious quality to these scenes. The prominence of nature as a motif reveals the importance it holds in many artists' lives.

Publication type: A Space for Dialogue Brochures

Publication subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtOceaniaUnited States & Canada