Sin-ying Ho: Past Forward

Cover of the exhibition brochure for Sin-ying Ho: Past Forward.
April, 2018 Supplementary PDF (2.3 MB)

 Denise Patry Leidy, John R. Stomberg, and Sin-ying Ho

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 2018, 16 pages

If Chinese ceramic art has a heart, it beats in Jingdezhen. For centuries, artisans there have made vessels that traveled far and wide. Their fluid forms and recognizable decorations have inspired celebratory prose and devoted followers around the world. Today, Sin-ying Ho works in these same ceramics factories. Though Jingdezhen potters have long defined tradition, Sin-ying has expanded both their forms and their imagery in contemporary ceramics that are thoroughly of the twenty-first century. She makes her works—whether they are monumental vases or smaller, more clearly assembled sculptures—from multiple parts. She emphasizes the many parts by glazing each of the pieces differently. Together they form a whole that maintains the legacy of being created from myriad fragments.

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