Public Art at Dartmouth

Cover of the public art at Dartmouth walking guide and brochure. It features a wooden outdoor sculpture that looks like a large bowl with carved protruding bumps.
August, 2021 Supplementary PDF (677.67 KB)

A Walking Tour of the Hood Museum of Art's Campus Sculpture Collection

The Hood Museum of Art has a distinguished collection of works of public art that enhance and enrich the environment in which we live, work, and study. This walking tour showcases a selection of outdoor sculptures that make the Dartmouth campus more meaningful and engaging. These works utilize a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, bronze, steel, stone, and wood, chosen for their ability to withstand even the harshest of Hanover winters.

The vast array of styles and approaches used by these artists reflects the versatility and vitality of contemporary sculpture and public art. The incorporation of art into the built or natural environment offers the Dartmouth community a unique opportunity to express their shared values and interests. As the works featured in this walking tour demonstrate, public art has the potential to transform familiar and transitory spaces into places of excitement, contemplation, and community conversation.

We expect the walking tour to take under an hour and encourage you to read the freestanding labels that are situated in front of each sculpture to learn more about the artists and the history and meaning of the individual works of art on the tour. Further details about art on campus, including works inside a number of buildings, can also be found on the Hood Museum of Art's website.

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