Japanese Prints in the Hood Museum of Art

April 06, 2013, through July 28, 2013
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Temporary Exhibitions, Cheatham Gallery


The fifteen prints in this gallery represent the Hood Museum of Art’s ongoing efforts to develop its collection of Japanese woodblock prints as a teaching resource. With publication dates ranging from the 1750s through the 1930s, these prints document several aspects of Japan’s woodblock print culture. This selection features prints in a wide variety of formats representing major print genres including kabuki actor prints (yakusha-e), pictures of fashionable women (bijinga), perspective prints (uki-e), landscape prints (fūkeiga), warrior prints (musha-e), pictures of foreigners residing in Yokohama (Yokohama-e), prints depicting Japan’s late-nineteenth-century modernization (kaika-e), and early-twentieth-century prints (shin hanga).


In keeping with the museum’s pedagogical mission, this exhibition was curated by students enrolled in the winter 2012 course Art History 65: Japanese Prints, taught by Associate Professor Allen Hockley. Over the course of the term students wrote labels for each of these fifteen prints. Labels appearing in the exhibition are edited compilations featuring the contributions of all students in the class. For the final project, each student curated a virtual exhibition. The students organized the prints into thematic groupings of their design and then wrote labels introducing these themes and the overarching concepts of their exhibitions. Ten of the twenty-six students in the class developed exhibitions that were conceptually similar. The arrangement of the prints in this gallery reflects the consensus they reached. Digital recreations of the exhibition layouts developed by the remaining sixteen students can be viewed on an iPad located in the gallery.


The Hood Museum of Art extends its heartfelt gratitude to the students who made this show possible: Michelle Ahn, Heather Beatty, Angela Cheng, Kelly Chou, Brendan Dooley, Julie Fiveash, Maria Isabel De Francisco, Alejandra Friele, Chloe Gettinger, Lauren Goodnow, Kanoka Hayashi, Sarah Jewett, Kirk Jing, Elena Karis, Stuart Lantry, Eunice Lee, Lilllian Maguire, Malia Reeves, Lilianna Rembar, Margaret Rollins, Karen Schuster, Ezra Toback, Nicholas Wimer, Jessica Wolf, Jessica Womack, and Maggie Zou.

Exhibition Curator

Allen Hockley | Dartmouth Students

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