Femme is Fierce

October 1, through December 17, 2022
Femme Queer Gender Performance in Photography



This exhibition celebrates various ways that femme performance is depicted in photography. The subjects of these photos embrace femme as an aspect of their self-representation across genders, queer orientations, races, ethnicities, and time. The exhibition includes photography by Laura Aguilar, Andy Warhol, Darryl DeAngelo Terrell, and others. The joyous approach of Femme Is Fierce affirms that femme is not a display of fragility, but a performance of a person's right to use gender signifiers deemed feminine to their own ends, and to radically state that strength is not only found in the masculine.

Organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, and generously supported by the Marie-Louise and Samuel R. Rosenthal Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Alisa Swindell

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