Connecting Threads and Woven Stories

October 21, 2023 — December 16, 2023



A Space for Dialogue 115


Connecting Threads and Woven Stories gives a glimpse into the rich and diverse textile traditions of Southeast Asia. The textiles vary in style, material, and technique, including nineteenth-century Indonesian tapis, a Vietnamese photo-weaving, and a contemporary Thai textile woven with jewel beetle wings. Despite their differences, these textiles tell the stories of the peoples who made them, their cultural values, and their legacies.

A Space for Dialogue is a student-curated exhibition program that began in 2001. Hood Museum of Art interns create an installation drawn from the museum's permanent collection by engaging with every aspect of curation, from doing research and selecting objects, to choosing frames and a wall color, to planning a layout and writing labels and a brochure, to giving a public talk. There have been over 100 A Space for Dialogue exhibitions on a wide variety of themes.

A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collection from Dartmouth’s Students, founded with the support from the Class of 1948, is made possible with generous endowments from the Class of 1967, Bonnie and Richard Reiss Jr. ’66, and Pamela J. Joyner ’79.

Exhibition Curator

Caitlyn King '24

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