Photography Requests

Request a Photo & Permission to Publish

All requests for permission to use an image from the collection for publication must include the intended use, the publisher, and expected date of publication and must be sent to Photographic Services at Hood.Museum@dartmouth.eduRequests by phone are not accepted.  All orders received will be followed up with a permission to publish form.

Photo Reproduction Guidelines

  • Each image must be reproduced unaltered and in its entirety unless approved in advance by the Hood Museum of Art. Images must not be cropped, bled off the page, printed on color stock or with misleading color, nor have anything superimposed on the image.
  • Black and white photographs of artworks must be printed in black and white.
  • Preapproval is required for the reproduction of a DETAIL portion of the image; a proof must be submitted; the credit line must include the word “detail.”
  • The complete image label with credit line, as supplied by the museum, must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction in the publication, or in the section devoted to photographic credits. Abbreviations are not permitted.
  • If the particular photograph has a photography credit line it must be included with the reproduction.
  • Reproduction is permitted only from photographs supplied by the Hood Museum of Art for the purpose of reproduction.
  • Permission is granted to the applicant for one-time use as detailed on the application form. Permission to publish must be obtained in advance for each subsequent edition or reprint. Permission is valid only for the individual, company, or institution to whom it is specifically issued and may not be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise disposed of without written permission of the Hood Museum of Art.
  • One gratis copy of the publication is required for our library. In the case of non-art-related textbooks, tear sheets or photocopies of all pages relevant to the image, including the title and copyright pages, will satisfy the agreement.
  • The Hood Museum of Art reserves the right to deny permission to reproduce an image from its collection to any applicant whose product is not acceptable to the museum for any reason.


A significant number of works in the Hood Museum of Art collection are under copyright. Although we may own a particular artwork, the copyright is often retained by the artist or the artist’s estate. The onus of determining whether the particular work is under copyright and identifying and securing permission from all copyright holders rests with the applicant. The Hood Museum of Art assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the artist, or on his or her behalf, or by any other copyright holder. If the work is licensed under a creative commons license the applicant must follow the requirements of that license. 

Images of certain works, such as three-dimensional works that were photographed by a non-Hood photographer, or works portraying a celebrity, may require the applicant to secure additional permissions. The responsibility of determining when additional permissions must be secured rests with the applicant, and it is incumbent upon the applicant to obtain all necessary permissions.

The length of copyright protection varies. In general, many of the artworks in our collection are under copyright protection for the life of the artist plus an additional seventy years. Some works are under copyright protection for 95 years from the first publication. Others are under copyright protection for 120 years from creation. Please refer to copyright law.

The Hood Museum of Art owns the artwork and in most instances, the photography of said artwork in its collection. Works known to be in the public domain are marked as such, and the Hood Museum of Art strongly encourages students, faculty and other visitors to use museum images of these objects for educational and personal purposes.

Websites with further information about copyright include: