Nathalia Whitecar

Collection Information and Digitization Assistant
A woman with fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes is photographed from the chest up and looks at the camera.


Nathalia first joined the Hood Museum of Art in October 2021, as the business and digital infrastructure assistant. After completing a graduate certificate in collections management and preventive conservation from George Washington University in December 2022, Nathalia accepted a new role at the Hood as the collection information and digitization assistant. In this role, Nathalia performs collection and archival data entry and assists in the selection and handling of artwork and archival materials for digitization. Nathalia began her museum career after graduating with a BA in anthropology, holding roles in visitor services, exhibitions, and collections management at various history, natural history, and science and technology museums. In addition to the collections management certificate, Nathalia has an MA in museum studies and digital curation from Johns Hopkins University.

Contact Information

603-646-9640 HB 6034
Page last updated: December 20, 2023