Amelia Kahl

Barbara C. & Harvey P. Hood 1918 Senior Curator of Academic Programming
A middle aged woman with fair skin, blue eyes, and dark hair with streaks of teal and purple is photographed from the chest up and smiles at the camera.


Amelia Kahl works with faculty and students to study and learn from original works of art in numerous ways including managing the Bernstein Center for Object Study (BCOS), partnering with faculty on curricular-focused shows, and running the museum's student internship program. Amelia teaches across the collection and leads co-curricular programs including Museum Collecting 101. Her curatorial work includes Immersive Worlds: Real and Imagined (2024), Layered Histories: Indigenous Australian Art from the Kimberley and Central Desert (2023), All Dolled Up (2019), Resonant Spaces: Sound Art at Dartmouth (2017, co-curated with Spencer Topel) and Water Ways: Tension and Flow (2015). Amelia is a 2001 graduate of Dartmouth. She taught art history at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland and worked at the National Law Enforcement Museum before returning to Dartmouth in the fall of 2010. She has a M.A. in art history from Williams College and is ABD at the University of Maryland.

Contact Information

603-646-4065 HB 6034
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