LISTEN: "Art in the Making" Episodes

Hosted by interns Caroline Cook '21 and Courtney McKee '21, this podcast traces the history of various materials used to make art through the ages and highlights works in the Hood Museum's collection.

Episode 1: "Stone—Looking Pretty Good for 5,000 Years Old"
In the very first episode of "Art in the Making", Courtney and Caroline explore the properties of different types of stone and the various techniques used to carve them. Revisit the famed Venus of Willendorf, meet a stocky ruler from ancient Lagash, and see the Hood Museum's Assyrian reliefs in a whole new light. Click here to listen.



Episode 2: "Metalwork—One Man's Trash"
In this week's episode about metalwork, Caroline and Courtney take a look at mining, shaping, and casting different metals. Explore works in the Hood Museum's collection ranging from African weapons to a sculpture made from aluminum bottleneck wrappers. Click here to listen.


Episode 3 (to be released April 16): "Pigmentation—I Didn't Think Snails Would Be Involved"
In this week's episode about pigmentation, Courtney and Caroline discover the unusual sources for the rainbow of colors available to artists through time. They also look at two very special works from the Hood's collection. Coming April 16!

Written March 30, 2021