A Space for Dialogue: Francie Middleton '12

Posted on June 06, 2012 by Web Services Editor

Curatorial, Homma Family Intern

About Francie

As an art history major, Francie Middleton clearly loves art. So it's no surprise that she found herself at the Hood as one of the student curatorial interns. She says, "The student senior internship program at the Hood seemed like an unparalleled opportunity to work closely with senior staff members, learn about all facets of working in a museum, and have the opportunity to curate my own show through the Space for Dialogue program, which I knew was an opportunity I would not have in any other museum internship." So far, the internship has not only fulfilled those ambitions but also reaffirmed her desire to work in a museum after Dartmouth. At the College, she is also a member of DREAM, a mentoring program run by students. Francie found that what bonded her most to her mentee was a mutual love of art, which has inspired Francie to want to continue to share her passion and exciting out-of-the-classroom learning experiences with children.

At the Hood

Francie has been diligently researching and writing object reports for several recent acquisitions. In the fall, Francie had the opportunity to choose a watercolor to complement a recent acquisition for the museum to purchase. The pairing of paintings was then displayed in Sack Gallery, the Hood Museum of Art's American art gallery, all winter. Working with Barbara MacAdam, Jonathan L. Cohen Curator of American Art, Francie has continued to research and organize upcoming exhibits. Francie reflects that some of her fondest moments at the museum are when she is able to interact with the Hood staff. She says, "Despite busy schedules, everyone is always willing to meet with me and chat with me about potential careers in museums." She is also truly captivated by the opportunity to create her own Space for Dialogue installation. She enjoyed watching her installation come together as a manifestation of her work at the Hood and her years of studying art history. She points out, "Giving my gallery talk will be the perfect capstone to this incredibly culminating experience in my final weeks at Dartmouth."

A Space for Dialogue

The Allure of Ruins: Views of the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli across Time

Francie's Space for Dialogue derived from her curiosity about the Western world's fascination with ancient Rome. She began by sifting through prints, drawings, objects, anything in the Hood collection that referenced the classical world. Throughout her search, the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli continually caught her eye. It is the subject matter of each of her objects. Francie visited Tivoli on the Art History Department's FSP trip to Rome; she too, like the artists of the objects in her installation, fell in love with the ruins there.

Read a PDF of Francie's brochure.