Volunteer of the Year: Barbara Haak

Posted on March 01, 2009 by Kristin Swan

Hood Quarterly, spring/summer 2009

Every year in October, in observation of National Arts and Humanities Month, the Hood Museum of Art pays tribute to its dedicated volunteer corps by naming a Volunteer of the Year. This past fall, we recognized the contributions of Barbara Haak. Barbara began volunteering in the museum shop more than twenty years ago. She is distinguished by her good humor, sunny wit, and lifelong willingness to help, whether by using her artisan expertise to assist a shop customer buying jewelry or by offering her home as a warehouse for the local book sale. Combining her love of books with recycling, Barbara also administers weekly to damaged books at the Howe Library. We appreciate this opportunity to thank Barbara for her many hours of service to the shop and the museum.


Written March 01, 2009 by Kristin Swan