Chapter six

Feb 10, 2020


Director's Circle

Brooke Burgess Adler and James R. Adler '60 TU'61 P'89
Judith Liff Barker and Joseph N. Barker '66
Ellen J. Bernstein
Betsy Blumenthal and Jonathan D. Root '82  
Dorothy M. Byrne H'10 P'81, '85 TUP '86 GP '20
Rona H. Citrin and Jeffrey B. Citrin '80 P'11, '16
Barbara E. Dau '78 P'13 MEDP'19
Elizabeth Deming Dauten '79 and Kent P. Dauten '77 P'08, '14
Carol Du Bois and Rodney F. Du Bois '57 TU'58 TUP'00
Tania G. Evans and Thomas M. Evans Jr. P'86
Claire Foerster and Daniel S. Bernstein '87 P'18, '21
Virginia M. Giddens and James W. Giddens '59
Susan A. Grey and Robert J. Grey P'02 GRP'07
Kristy L. Harteveldt and Robert L. Harteveldt '84 P'19
Katharine Hewitt and David C. Hewitt '64
Judith Deitrich Hood
Sandra L. Irving '72 and Arthur L. Irving '72 H'10 P'10 TUP'14
Melissa Kaish '83 and Jonathan L. Dorfman
Morton Kaish P'83
Virginia Rice Kelsey and Preston T. Kelsey II '58 P'82, '90 MEDP'88 GP'13, '17
Joan Goodwin Kinne W'52 GP'15
Alyssa Rae Klein and Andrew H. Klein '89 
Robert A. Levinson '46 TU'46
Marina Weitzner Lewin and Andrew E. Lewin '81 P'11, '14, THP'15  
Stephen A. Lister '63
Carol O. Manegold and Robert H. Manegold '75 P'02, '06 THP'07, '08 GRP'08
Lucretia L. Martin '51 and Peter B. Martin '51 P'83
Allison Morrow and Jonathan L. Cohen '60 TU'61
Amy Nachman and Henry Nachman Jr. '51 TU'55 P'82, '86 GP'15, '19
Karen Nearburg and Charles E. Nearburg '72 TH'74 P'10
Nancy G. Parker
Olivia C. Hood Parker W'58 TUW'59 P'89, '91 TUP'94
Beverly Payne and David B. Payne '58
Elizabeth W. Pierce and William C. Pierce '62 P'03, '08
Marsha Queen Pratt and Peter S. Pratt '71 P'06 
Katherine Duff Rines '71 and Ben Schore '51
Linda Roesch and Frederick A. Roesch '60 TU'61 P'88, '90    
Loni Rush and Jeffrey L. Rush '62 P'86, '92 GP'20
Georgina Tugwell Russo '77 and Thomas A. Russo '77 P'08
Nancy D. Sanders and Stewart Sanders '56
Shirley R. Sanders W'51
George T. M. Shackelford '77
Judy Smiley and J. Neil Smiley II '82
Katherine Stone Sonnenborn '00 and Jonah A. Sonnenborn '99
Shelley L. Sporleder and Michael J. Carr P'16, '19 
Julia Strickland and Timothy Wahl P'05
Elliot A. Stultz '83
Marie Elaine Tefft
Maya Tichio and Robert M. Tichio '99
Susan H. Vicinelli and Gaetano R. Vicinelli '63 P'87 GP '18, '22 
Gail Wasson and John H. L. Wasson '67 P'96 MEDP'95, '97, '06, GRP '95, '97
Maud Iselin Welles '77 and Jeffrey F. Welles '77
Coralea Wennberg and John E. Wennberg
Lynne V. Whitacre and Huntley R. Whitacre '64 P'94
Sandra S. Wijnberg and Hugh J. Freund '67 P'08, '12