The Temple Murals: The Life of Malcolm X

Cover of the brochure The Temple Murals: The Life of Malcolm X.
January, 2014 Supplementary PDF (2.6 MB)

Florian Jenkins; Stefan Bradley, Director of African American Studies and Associate Professor of History at Saint Louis University; and Crishuana Williams, Dartmouth Class of 2012

2014, 16 pages, booklet

In the late 1960s, black students at Dartmouth formed the Afro-American Society, and in 1972 the society commissioned Florian Jenkins to paint a mural cycle on the walls of their dormitory celebrating the life of Malcolm X. In this booklet, Stefan Bradley discusses the civil rights movement in relation to black student life at Dartmouth College, and the 1965 campus visit by El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X). Dartmouth graduate and former Hood intern Crishuana Williams describes the history of the commission and its significance for Dartmouth students then and now. The booklet also includes the artist's reflections on the conception of the murals and the meaning of each panel, along with new color photography of the complete mural cycle.

Publication subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada