A Space for Dialogue 76

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January, 2013 Supplementary PDF (375.66 KB)

Modern Melancholy

Jane Cavalier ’14, Class of 1954 Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

2013, 2 pages

The artists selected for this exhibition express the melancholic condition within a contemporary context and raise questions about what distinguishes melancholy today. In a society of constant sensory stimulation, instant gratification, and hedonistic saturation, have happiness and satisfaction become an obligation? Have we attained the object of our desire but lost the reason for its desirability? Through their deliberate interpretations of melancholic subjects and settings, the artists in this exhibition realize the vitality that emerges as the melancholic sees opportunities everywhere to mourn this lost desire. In fact, melancholy’s redemption lies precisely within those infinitely unfolding creative and intellectual possibilities that it reveals.

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