A Space for Dialogue 112

A photograph of a woman standing against a green background. She is wearing a cheerleading uniform and a gold chain is floating out from her mouth.
April, 2023 Supplementary PDF (340.21 KB)

Social Surrealism and the Exploration of Identity

Paulina Marinkovic Camacho '23, Levinson Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2023, 4 pages

The visual aesthetics of Surrealism, from dreamlike scenes to unexpected juxtapositions, allow artists to discuss sociopolitical issues and present aspects of identity and culture from a new perspective. Traditionally, surrealist works evoke a dreamlike and hallucinatory state dictated by the unconscious––presenting audiences with an insight into the artist's personal interpretations of the world around them. How could imagery that draws from the irrational and the unconscious convey social criticism?

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