In the Moment: Recent Work by Louise Hamlin

A painting of a crew team rowing down a river on a foggy day.
February, 2022

Edited by Amelia Kahl; with contributions by Katherine Hart, Vincent Katz, Louise Hamlin, Amelia Kahl, and John R. Stomberg.

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2022, 74 pages

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ISBN 978-0-944722-54-1 

Visual delight gives way to meditative looking when we experience Louise Hamlin's works. We take in the long sweep of landscape, the dynamic pattern of light through yellow leaves, or the gentle gradients of green foliage seen through fog. Or we look more closely at the natural world, discovering the visual tension between a bending plant stem and a rigid plastic container. Hamlin's use of subtle color and elegant line draws us in, asking us to revel in her masterful use of paint, print, and pencil. This volume features fresh perspectives upon Louise Hamlin's accomplished career, along with lush reproductions of her recent work across a variety of media.

Publication type: Exhibition Related

Publication subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada