The Hood Now: Art and Inquiry at Dartmouth

The cover of the catalogue "The Hood Now: Art and Inquiry at Dartmouth".
October, 2019

Edited by John R. Stomberg. With contributions by Juliette Bianco, Mary K. Coffey, William Crow, Katherine Hart, Amelia Kahl, Barbara J. MacAdam, Neely McNulty, Nils Nadeau, Jami Powell, Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol, Colleen M. Randall, Billie Tsien, and Tod Williams.

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth

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2019, 234 pages

ISBN 978-0-944722-50-3

The publication was produced in conjunction with the reinstallation of the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, and in celebration of Dartmouth's 250th anniversary in 2019.

The Hood Now: Art and Inquiry at Dartmouth considers the role and impact(s) of a thriving museum on a college campus, addressing the purpose, program, and place that together comprise the Hood Museum of Art. Short essays by museum staff, Dartmouth faculty, and other stakeholders fall within the three subheads "The Building and Its Purpose," "A Teaching Museum," and "Perspectives on a Campus Collection." The volume also includes 153 plates featuring collection highlights and most-taught-with objects.

The Hood Now: Art and Inquiry at Dartmouth was generously supported by Claire Foster and Daniel S. Bernstein, Class of 1987.

Publication type: Collection Highlights