Félix de la Concha: Private Portraits/Public Conversations

Cover of Felix de la Concha: Private Portraits / Public Conversations
January, 2014

Contributions by Félix de la Concha, Priscilla Gilman, Katherine Hart, Karen S. Miller, contrib.

Distributed by University Press of New England

2014, 96 pages

paper, ISBN #978-0-944722-48-0, $25.00

Western portraiture has always been the result of a nuanced and context-dependent interaction between the portrayal of physical likeness, specific portraiture traditions, and the presentation of the character or inner life of the sitter. In 2009, artist Félix de la Concha undertook fifty individual two-hour sessions with faculty, students, and staff at Dartmouth College as well as members of the local community of New Hampshire and Vermont, in which he painted a complete portrait in oils while interviewing the sitter on video on the theme of “conflict and reconciliation.” This catalogue chronicles the powerful results of this Hood Museum of Art commission and reproduces all of the portraits in the series.

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Publication subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada