Embodied: Artist as Medium

A cover of an exhibition brochure that features of photograph of a female nude that is facing away from the viewer and reclines uncomfortably on a stack of colorful yoga mats. The brochure's accent color is purple.
October, 2022 Supplementary PDF (1.72 MB)

Isadora Italia, Campus Engagement Manager
Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2022, 4 pages

Embodied: Artist as Medium is concerned with the body: with how artists use their own bodies in their work; how the body can be manipulated through pose, costume, or technology to produce meaning; and how society ascribes meaning to bodies. The exhibition seeks to raise questions and prompt new ways of thinking. How does the artist-subject's sex, gender identity, or race impact our readings of their work? What new understandings or possibilities arise because the artist used their own body as subject, medium, material?

Publication type: Exhibition Related

Publication subject: Modern & Contemporary Art