Picturing Change

December 11, 2004, through May 15, 2005
The Impact of Ledger Drawing on Native American Art



Temporary Exhibitions, Gutman Gallery


This exhibition reveals the impact of ledger drawings on transformations in Native American pictorial arts from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. The works in this exhibition illustrate how Native American artists adopted and adapted Western materials, methods, and conventions to their own artistic traditions, thereby inventing new art forms that comment upon and document cultural transitions brought on by Western education and cultural domination.

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, and is generously funded by the William B. Jaffe and Evelyn A. Hall Fund. The lecture series was made possible by the generous support of the Allen and Joan Bildner Endowment for Human and Inter-group Relations, the Fannie and Alan Leslie Center for the Humanities, the Native American Studies Program, and the Ed and Molly Scheu Fund in Native American Studies.

Exhibition Curator

Barbara Thompson

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Exhibition subject: Modern & Contemporary ArtNative America