Park Dae Sung

September 24, 2022 – May 20, 2023
Ink Reimagined


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Explore the exhibition Ink Reimagined virtually through this 3D Matterport scan. Move through the museum and galleries by clicking on the transparent circles on the floor. Click on the gray icons to learn more about the exhibition and works on view through additional materials.


Ink Reimagined is a groundbreaking solo exhibition of contemporary Korean ink painter Park Dae Sung’s works. Park, who lost an arm during the tumultuous pre-Korean War period, is a self-taught artist who saw nature as his teacher and thus traveled widely, finding inspiration in China, Taiwan, New York City, and the mountains of North Korea. Featuring paintings of enormous scale and refined technique, Park’s ongoing contemplation of ancient landscapes and objects asks the viewer to rethink modernity via tradition and gain a fresh appreciation for the diversity of styles—from dramatic to meditative to bursting with movement—possible through ink and brush. Due to popular demand, two of the three galleries in the exhibition will remain on view through May 20!

Park Dae Sung: Ink Reimagined is organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth. The organizers are grateful for the special support of the Gana Foundation for Arts and Culture, as well as the generous support of the Korea Foundation and the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation.

Exhibition Curator

Sunglim Kim

Press Mentions

Exhibition subject: AsiaModern & Contemporary Art