Escaping the Moment

August 13, through September 16, 2012
Seeing Time in Photography



A Space for Dialogue 72


Temporary Exhibitions, Lobby


The weakness of human sight—its flickering hesitation and intermittent inattentiveness—gives way to the verity of the apparatus's machinic capture. Photo-graphia: one writes the light of reality, burning it into film. With these qualities, photography is still often said to be about holding on to lost moments.

A Space for Dialogue, founded with support from the Class of 1948, is made possible with generous endowments from the Class of 1967, Bonnie and Richard Reiss Jr., Class of 1966, and Pamela J. Joyner, Class of 1979.

Exhibition Curator

Chanon (Kenji) Praepipatmongkol

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Exhibition subject: A Space for DialogueModern & Contemporary ArtUnited States & Canada