Critical Faculties

January 15, 2005, through March 13, 2005
Teaching with the Hood's Collections



Temporary Exhibitions, Jaffe and Hall Galleries


The Hood begins the year with Critical Faculties: Teaching with the Hood's Collections. This unique exhibition has been organized by faculty members of four of the museum's main academic constituents at the college. Art History, Studio Art, Classics, and Anthropology have installed objects from the Hood's collections that represent each discipline's approach to teaching with art, offering visitors the opportunity to experience works of art that represent a wide range of media and periods through various perspectives.

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, and is generously funded by the Eleanor Smith Fund and the Leon C. 1927, Charles L. 1955, and Andrew J. 1984 Greenebaum Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Kamyar Abdi | Hoyt Alverson | Sergei Kan | Deborah Nichols | Robert Welsch | Jane L. Carroll | Mary Coffey | Ada Cohen | Kathleen Corrigan | Marlene Heck | Allen Hockley | Steven Kangas | Joy Kenseth | Jim Jordan | Angela Rosenthal | Roberta Stewart | Jeremy (Jerry) Rutter | Louise Hamlin | Karol Kawiaka | Brian Miller | Enrico Riley | Maggie Lind | Katherine W. Hart

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Exhibition subject: AfricaAncient ArtAsiaMexico, Central, & South AmericaNative America