The Concinnitas Portfolio

January 05, 2016, through March 13, 2016



Temporary Exhibitions, Ivan Albright Gallery


Concinnitas is a Latin term that connotes an elegant, skillful joining of elements. It was used by Renaissance scholar, artist, and architect Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472) to describe the beauty found in the confluence of perfect uses of number, position, and outline. The Concinnitas project was a two-year collaborative venture between Parasol Press and Daniel Rockmore, professor of mathematics and computer science at Dartmouth. In 2012, Parasol commissioned ten mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists—including two Nobel Laureates and five Fields Medalists—to create etchings of the mathematical expression most meaningful to them. These formulae were then printed by the fine-art print shop Harlan and Weaver as aquatints, evoking the look of equations quickly and elegantly sketched in white chalk on a blackboard.

This exhibition was organized by the Yale University Art Gallery, and its presentation at the Hood Museum of Art was generously supported by the Harrington Gallery Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Dan Rockmore | Katherine W. Hart | Amelia Kahl