Beyond East and West

October 09, 2005, through December 12, 2005
Seven Transnational Artists



Temporary Exhibitions, Jaffe, Hall, Friends, and Cheatham Galleries


This exhibition presents new work by seven important contemporary artists with an intimate knowledge both of a so-called "East" (the Middle East and North Africa) from whence they come and a "West" (Europe and America) where they primarily live and work. Beyond simply disrupting Western stereotypes and discourses, they address themselves to the issues raised by competing cultural allegiances. The exhibition features the work of Jananne Al-Ani, Ghada Amer, Mona Hatoum, Y. Z. Kami, Walid Raad, Michal Rovner, and Shahzia Sikander. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

This exhibition was organized by the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Its presentation at the Hood Museum of Art is generously funded by the William B. Jaffe and Evelyn A. Hall Fund and the George O. Southwick 1957 Memorial Fund.

Exhibition Curator

Curated by David O'Brien, Program Chair and Associate Professor of Art History / David Prochaska, Professor Emeritus of History / Barbara Thompson, Curator of African, Oceanic, and Native American Collections