Welcome to Our 2022–23 Interns

The 2022–23 Hood Museum of Art interns, from left to right, back to front: Moonoka Begay '23, Conroy Intern, double major in studio art and Native American studies; Milanne Berg '24, Homma Family Intern, major in art history, double minor in sustainability and anthropology; Lydia Davis '23, Homma Family Intern, double major in biology and art history; Han Bit (Lex) Kang '21, Homma Family Intern, major in linguistics, psychology, and government mod. philosophy, politics, and economics; Caitlyn King '24, Class of 1954 Intern, major in art history; Gabriel Margaca '23, Conroy Intern, major in classical archeology, minor in art history; Paulina Marinkovic Camacho '23, Levinson Intern, double major in film & media studies and English with a concentration in creative writing; Bridget Parker '23, Conroy Intern, major in history, minor in art history; Sofia Ratkevich '23, Class of 1959 Intern, double major in quantitative social science, art history, minor in digital design; Abigail Smith '23, Conroy Intern, major in art history; Kyle Hartin '21, Conroy Intern, major in studio art. Not pictured: Nathan Savo '24, Class of 1954 Intern, double major in art history and government; Leigh Smith '23, Erbe Intern, major in studio art.


Written February 01, 2023