A Space for Dialogue 109

Cover image of the A Space for Dialogue brochure 109 "Nothing Gold Can Stay."
November, 2022 Supplementary PDF (578.84 KB)

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Amy Zaretsky, '23 Conroy Intern

Published by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, 2022, 4 pages

Both this exhibition and the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay," from which it derives its title, center around the inevitable cycle of life. As death is a natural rite of passage, grief is an almost-universal experience. However, each person experiences their own version of grief. This exhibition offers a glimpse into how a few select artists in the twentieth century visually translated their personal relationship with loss in recognizable ways. Nothing Gold Can Stay examines grief as a fluid and complex process by using works from different stages of that process. The exhibition also explores various types of grief, from personal loss to the widespread cultural trauma caused by war or the death of beloved public figures.

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