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Susan Meiselas: In History

This annotated list of web resources may be used to help you and your students learn more about looking at and making meaning from this type of art.

  • Websites

    Susan Meiselas http://www.susanmeiselas.com

    On Susan Meiselas’ website, you can hear Susan Meiselas talk about her work, see photographs and learn about her projects (including books and films) and read her biography.

    aka KURDISTAN www.akakurdistan.com

    With no central library, historical archive, or place for safekeeping, thousands of images documenting the history of Kurdistan have been lost. aka KURDISTAN is a website Susan Meiselas created as an online, collective archive of the Kurdish people. The long and complex history of Kurdistan emerges through pictures found in attics, archives and family albums.

    The International Center of Photography www.icp.org

    The International Center of Photography provides various resources on Susan Meiselas including information about this exhibition, Meiselas’ projects and publications, video of Susan talking about her work, and pre- and post-visit materials for middle and high school students. Please look in the Past Exhibition section of their website.

    • Focus on Photography

    (http://www.icp.org/site/c.dnJGKJNsFqG/b.2017177/k.9B45/Curriculum_Guide.htm) is a curriculum guide about photography developed and written by the ICP.

    • The Exhibition Curricula

    (http://www.icp.org/site/c.dnJGKJNsFqG/b.2067109/k.5EF1/Exhibition_Curric...) page on the ICP website will lead you to pre- and post-visit activities for junior high and high school students for the Susan Meiselas exhibition as well as many other exhibitions of photography.

    Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/index.html

    The Library of Congress offers a range of resources and lesson plans about photography and documentary photography and its use during the Civil War, the Depression and the First and Second World Wars.