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Past Exhibitions

Life Forms

Visual Lessons in Biology

April 15, 2006, through June 16, 2006

Life Forms explored the boundary between art and science with anatomical atlases, student drawings, wax and plaster sculptures, films and diagrams of cellular processes, and the National Institute of Health’s Visible Human Project. The exhibition coincided with Dartmouth’s spring 2006 Humanities Institute, “Visual Pedagogy and Culture in the Life Sciences.”

Form and Presence

Paintings and Drawings from the Collection

October 29, 2005, through December 11, 2005

Enrico Riley, Senior Lecturer, selected paintings and drawings from the Hood’s collection for his fall drawing course. Students enrolled in the course helped him hang the works and studied them throughout the term. Artists in the show included Amadeo Modigliani, Alice Neel, Milton Resnick, and Jake Berthot.

Reality and its Alternatives

Selections from the Permanent Collection

December 04, 2005, through March 13, 2005

Polynesian Tapa

Decorated Barkcloth from Tonga and Samoa

October 23, 2004, through November 28, 2004

Illuminating Instruments

Studying Light at Dartmouth

June 19, 2004, through October 17, 2004

The Photographer’s Eye

May 08, 2004, through June 13, 2004

Anthropological Perspectives on Ritual Objects

April 03, 2004, through May 02, 2004

Introduction to the History of Art II, 1500 to Present

January 24, 2004, through March 14, 2004

The Art of the Northwest Coast

March 25, 2003, through May 18, 2003

Cultural Exchange, the Body, Art and Technology

January 25, 2003, through March 09, 2003


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