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Past Exhibitions

Insatiable Appetites

Curiosity, Consumption, and the Traveler in Historic Japan

August 23, 2005, through December 05, 2005

Critical Faculties

Teaching with the Hood's Collections

January 15, 2005, through March 13, 2005

The Hood begins the year with Critical Faculties: Teaching with the Hood's Collections. This unique exhibition has been organized by faculty members of four of the museum's main academic constituents at the college. Art History, Studio Art, Classics, and Anthropology have installed objects from the Hood's collections that represent each discipline's approach to teaching with art, offering visitors the opportunity to experience works of art that represent a wide range of media and periods through various perspectives.


The Art of the French Colonial Encounter

July 13, 2004, through September 12, 2004

Lateral Thinking

Art of the 1990s

January 17, 2004, through March 14, 2004

This extraordinary exhibition features forty contemporary artists from North, South, and Central America, Cuba, Africa, China, and Europe, including Matthew Barney, Vanessa Beecroft, Roman de Salvo, Zhang Huan, William Kentridge, Byron Kim, Jean Lowe, Vik Muniz, and Cindy Sherman, many of whose works have not appeared in the Upper Valley before. The exhibition defies categorization by style, school, or medium, but a number of key ideas recur throughout, such as the body; the construction of identity (gender, personal, social, or ethnic); the role of the artist; and one's relationship to everyday occurrences and objects.

Inside the Floating World

Japanese Prints from The Lenoir C. Wright Collection

March 25, 2003, through May 25, 2003

The Weatherspoon's Japanese print collection comprises the major artists, themes, and formats of Japanese prints from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries. Prints in the exhibition were grouped into six categories including Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater); Women (bijinga or beauty pictures); Landscape (natural wonders, sacred sites, famous views); Poets, Authors, and Heroes (likenesses from classic literature); Children (traditional social pursuits); and Surimono (limited-edition prints created for special events or individuals). Inside the Floating World was guest curated by Dr. Allen Hockley, Associate Professor of Art History at Dartmouth College.

Untitled (Elihu Vedder and Fumio Yoshimura)

October 11, 2001, through December 08, 2001


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